Put simply, there are no "ground truth" data. All data, including well logs, cores, 2-D and 3-D seismic, biostratigraphy, and production information must be integrated for accurate sequence stratigraphic interpretation.

Because rocks are fundamental to an accurate sequence stratigraphic interpretation in carbonate systems, this module is designed to provide an essential overview of the basics of seismic stratigraphy, including carbonate rocks, facies, fabric and pore type, as well as the three critical environments in which indicator facies originate.

Carbonate rocks are organized in stratigraphic hierarchies. These stratigraphic hierarchies represent themselves differently as a function of eustacy (icehouse, greenhouse, mixed) and tectonic/structural setting. By examining these carbonate sequences and establishing their heirarchical groups - cycles, cycle sets, systems tracts, HFS, CS - it will be possible to develop a stratigraphic model and put these principles to work in a hands-on instructional exercise using a Permian outcrop.