Author: Sue Lynn Bishop, Art Bishop, and Robert Font

In this online course you will accompany us on a tour of some selected outcrops of the Lower Cretaceous System of central Texas. This general area constitutes one of the best exposures of Cretaceous strata anywhere around the globe. In our coverage, we will emphasize various aspects of the development, stratigraphy, sedimentology, structure and paleontology of these units. It is also our aim to provide you with additional historical and geographical data that will make this virtual field tour both interesting and informative.

This course is designed to be an introduction to the subject of landslides or mass wasting. We will discuss the causes of landslides, their form and classification, as well as methods of analysis, prediction and prevention.It is our hope that the material covered in this course will provide you with a firm background and motivate you to explore this important subject in greater depth.

A review and demonstration of strategies for ensuring your use of PowerPoint strengthens your presentation, and does not distract from the message or the delivery to the audience.